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Cosmetic Dentistry in New Westminster

Do you have severely worn or fractured teeth? Uptown Park Dental provides cosmetic dentistry solutions for you. Whether you need a comprehensive smile makeover or a single anterior tooth replacement, you can turn to our clinic for professional cosmetic dental services. We integrate all the factors that contribute to an ideal result including alignment, spaces, tooth colour, lip support, gum recession/height, overbite, overjet. Careful planning can make the difference between a good result and a great one.

Cosmetic Dental Services

If you’re not happy with the look of your teeth, consider a visit to Uptown Park Dental. You’ll get cosmetic dental care tailored to your needs with prompt and quick services. With an array of cosmetic treatments available, our dentists will help you create the smile that you have always wanted. Our services include:


Home bleaching


Zoom whitening

Full ceramic crowns

If your goal is a natural youthful new smile, we’ll take the time to discuss the many cosmetic options available today. We have the knowledge and the experience to ensure you get the best treatment possible. Contact Uptown Park Dental if you’re ready to refresh your look with cosmetic dentistry. With our multidisciplined dental care approach, you can easily transform your smile.

All-inclusive Dental Centre

We have years of experience in providing cosmetic dental treatments for patients in the Lower Mainland.

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