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Restorative Dental Care in New Westminster

Uptown Park Dental offers restorative dental care in uptown New Westminster. Age, time, and other factors may take a toll on your teeth. Our experienced team can efficiently replace missing teeth while preserving natural teeth as much as possible. We can fix your smile with restorative dentistry options such as crowns, dental implant restorations, full or partial dentures, bridges, and more.

Renew Your Smile Restoration Dentistry

We use restorative dentistry to naturalize and improve the structure and function of your teeth. Our restorative dental solutions may include endodontic, periodontic, and prosthodontic considerations. For simple one tooth treatment or comprehensive treatment of missing or severely damaged teeth, we have the experience and judgment to provide the best solution to manage your concerns and needs. Our restorative dental treatments include:


Partial dentures


Root canal treatment

Bruxism appliances


Full dentures

Implant/supported crowns and bridges


Full Dentures

If you need new dentures, get in touch with Uptown Park Dental today.

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